Echosystem Announces
Dubs on Tape!

Meet Echosystem - a band committed
to exploring the hybridization of Jamaican dub and North Indian class- ical music, channel- ing the beauty of Earth's living systems.
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Timonkey is the musical alias of Tim Donlou, a producer and performer of electronic music from Santa Cruz, California. A 7-year veteran of the underground music scene, Tim has performed at countless festivals, parties, and nightclubs from Seattle to Los Angeles. To date he has released 5 albums of original material on San Francisco's Muti Music. With its penchant for wet, smeary sound- scapes, enormous bass lines, intricate drums and glitchy sound effects, the Timonkey sound will delight any fan of hi-fidelity audio mayhem. His solid live sets guarantee to rock the party, uplift the dance-floor and "provide an arc of overlapping harmonic waveforms to align the mind, body and soul." 2011 finds Timonkey expanding from a West Coast favorite to a nation-wide touring act, with debut shows in Colorado, Minnesota and New York this spring. Get ready for a slew of new releases as well as the debut of Echosystem, his live dub project. Fans of dreamy, glitchy electronica will not be disappointed!
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Hear Timonkey Live!
Feb 8, 2013 in San Francisco
Raindance Chinese New Year
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A downtempo classic that remains as fresh today as it did when it was originally produced in 2004. The tracks blend together to form a cohesive journey from the day into the night, all coasting along at 88 bpm. Smooth, dubby, sexy and psychedelic, with a sound set that leans heavy on the Rhodes, Strat and Nylon guitar. Originally released as a small run of handmade CD-Rs. Re-released digitally on Muti Music in 2007.
Mammals On the Brink...
An eclectic album that stretches out into almost every genre possible: IDM, Downtempo, Glitch-Hop, Dancehall, and even House. The title (pronounced sir-ROO-lee-ah) evokes a pure land of pristine blue vibrations. Despite the range in styles, the album still holds together as a smooth listening experience, and a few tracks (Condensation and Back to the One) are big crowd-pleasers to this day. Cover art courtesy of Spencer Jones. Released digitally and on CD by Muti Music in 2008.
A midtempo funk album full of positive and upfull dance music for dark times. It was a treat hearing this blasting from countless art cars out at Burning Man that summer! Cover art from an electron micrograph of carbon nanotubules, used with permission from Fatih Buyukserin. Mastered by Dave Tipper. Released digitally on Muti Music in 2009.
Molecular Forest
These tracks were actually released before Cerulea, even though they were produced over a year later. I started to hone in more exclusively on the midtempo side of my sound (105 bpm), which was featured heavily in my live sets from this era. Cover art from a photograph by Andrew Eldredge, taken at Moonrocks in Bonny Doon. Released digitally on Muti Music in 2008.
The Cloud City EP
A showcase for my rootsy, heady, chilled out approach to Dubstep, coming from the heart and aimed squarely at the outdoor festival sunrise circuit. Cover art from a photograph of Bonny Doon by John Pusey. Mastered by Dave Tipper. Released digitally and on CD by Muti Music in 2010.
Future Perfect
A short collection of lucid cuts at hip-hop tempo, part of my ongoing quest to bring the dreamtime back to the dancefloor. I started most of these tracks on software synths in my RV while on tour during Summer 2010, and then gave them analog make-overs back in the studio. Cover art from a photograph taken by Andrew Eldredge, taken in Cabeza Prieta, AZ. Mastered by Dave Tipper. Released digitally by Muti Music in April, 2011.
Astral Traveler
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